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Okay guys, I plan on finding something to help me ease back into the habit of writing. Something that doesn't require as much effort as constructing and maintaining an original world. Just finished watching Digimon: The First Movie with my sister, and it's rekindled some interest in me. So, who knows, maybe I'll start up a new Digimon story; I've already done some pretty extensive work on that, so it's really just a matter of building a narrative and characters, rather than a whole world around them. Then again, I am building a Mandalorian from Star Wars; perhaps I could make a cool story in that canon.
What do you guys think? Anybody out there got an anime, cartoon or larger film universe they'd like to see me touch, or think I could make a good story in?

Original journal
Hey guys. That's right; just like Clashmecha, I haven't gone completely inactive due to a sudden case of death. I am alive.

First off, I'd like to say a big Thank you for all the birthday well-wishes I got from you guys; seriously, thanks everyone. Present-wise, my Dad bought me a double-bed a couple of weeks prior as an early birthday present, so that knocked out a fair bit of the budget for my birthday, so for presents I got some clothes and a big container full of chocolates and lollies.

Okay, oh mighty Neglectful One, what've you been up to in your absence?
Hm, a fair amount of stuff. I've been working on getting through this trimester at uni, bumping up my grades so that I can change courses. At the moment I'm doing a Bachelor of Arts/Teaching (Secondary), and I'm incredibly eager to change to a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary). I've done placements at both primary and secondary schools, and I've gotta say I don't feel like a secondary school is the right environment for me. So I want to start off teaching primary and somewhere down the track - should the mood take me, and once I have enough professional experience under my belt - move up to teaching high school. As an activity that'll hopefully increase my chances of a course change - and, regardless, will look good on a resume - I've started doing weekly visits to one of the primary schools I did a placement at. It's a great environment, there's about 20 students maximum at the school, and I just pop by and help supervise the kids, do a little teaching here and there. It's a great way to spend an afternoon.

Beyond that, there's been plentiful gaming. My friend recently got me back into World of Warcraft, so I've been trying to get a couple of level 90 toons in preparation for the launch of Warlords of Draenor later this year. I have a few now - a Worgen Druid named Benjaman (my main), a Pandaren Monk named Sonli, an Orc Death Knight named Goredak and a Gnome Warlock named Gantix - and have made it my mission to have one of them, at least, finish the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. Garrosh Hellscream is, without a doubt, one of my most-hated characters in Warcraft lore, and I'll be damned if I miss the opportunity to smash that smug, war-mongering butcher upside the jaw. Followed swiftly by that little turd Anduin Wrynn, who saved Garrosh from a poisoned meal in the latest Warcraft novel, War Crimes. Why?! Just. Fucking. WHY?!?
Aside from that, my friend also finally talked me into buying Garry's Mod. Do I regret that? Heck no. It's honestly one of the funnest games I have in my Steam library, with so much replayability and laugh-out-loud moments. On the subject of Steam, my cousin also reintroduced me to Star Wars: Battlefront II, a game I enjoyed immensely back in the heyday of Playstation 2 and I was gifted Sanctum 2 and Trine 2 from friends. Oh, and in spite of the horrible manner in which the Oceanic server has been maintained, I am still an avid player of League of Legends; that game pretty much entirely devours my Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, as those are the only times my favourite game mode is available for play.

Outside the field of academia and gaming, I've recently become determined to join the Mandalorian Mercs. For those of you not in the know, the 'Mercs are a globe-spanning costume group specializing in Star Wars Mandalorians. This is the most craft-intensive thing I've ever done in my life, but it's definitely been worth it so far. Here's where I'm at right now:

My Helmet
I bought a Hasbro Boba Fett helmet from Myer's website, and got to work converting that to be in line with the costuming standards set forth by the Mandalorian Mercs.
Here is an image of the helmet, as it was when I bought it:

As you can see if you compare this helmet with any that come up when you type "Mandalorian helmet" into Google Images, the horizontal section of the visor is much too wide to be a genuine Mandalorian headpiece. The dent must also be removed unless applying as a canon Boba Fett cosplayer.
Now, here is where the helmet is at today:

I cut the helmet's cheeks off with my Dad's saw, then used hot glue to secure the mandibles (the red and dark-green parts on the original helmet) back in place. I used a piece of 3mm PVC pipe to replace the cheeks, and applied filler to conceal the joins and any visible cuts. Here it has had a coating of grey primer applied; next step is painting it. I'm not sure what I'll paint on it - heavily considering a black and green paint job - but I'll be sure to upload colour scheme/design ideas here for any feedback.
In the background you can also see the gun I'm going to use. It was a $20 double-barreled Nerf gun I bought from Big W; I cut off the stock, trigger-guard and most of the barrel, and was just starting to use the primer on it when the can ran empty.

My Armour
To save on time - which was already being taken up in spades by school, girlfriend and this helmet - I commissioned a set of armour from a craftsman on the Mandalorian Mercs' website. It's made from 3mm sintra, and the pieces I order are these:
Standard 7-piece set - neck brace, shoulders, pec-plates, ab-plate and chest-diamond.

In addition to the above-pictured, I ordered a back-plate, knee-guards, shin-plates and foot-armour.

Well, that's well and good, but what about WRITING?
Ah, yes. Writing. Erm.

...okay, I'll come clean. Outside writing for school - critical essays, a couple of creative piece, workshop pieces - I've done zilch. Motivation's hard to find when school, work, girlfriend and a project like building a Mandalorian are collectively kicking your ass. I'm heading into an inter-trimester break though, so hopefully I'll be able to find time to sit quietly and do a bit of writing. Hopefully. I want to see more SERAPH just as badly as you guys, but finding the motivation is proving to be one hell of a struggle.
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Ben Clarke
Artist | Student | Literature
Hello, my name is Ben, and I'm an aspiring science-fiction/fantasy/action novel writer. Most of the stuff in my gallery will reflect my desire, as well as my little hobby for digital art.
My sister is on deviantART as well, and can be found at :iconwynterowl:.
Suffice to say that, for the most part, my life is fairly boring and uneventful. I eat, sleep, watch lots of movies, play lots of video games, eat some more and write lots and lots and lots. My head is a jumbled mess of ideas, most of which don't make it onto paper; those that do, however, I take great pride in ;)


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